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Having some problems with Analitic theme and Nice menu module? Read this?


If you want to create "Featured block" - just make it "sticky".

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How do I change the header image (money coins) with another picture?

To change the image you should replace "header-image.jpg" picture, which is in the "images" folder of Analytic theme.

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How to disable default Drupal logo (blue drop)?

— I've installed Analytic theme to my new Drupal installation, and it has a bit ugly default Drupal logo, how can I disable it?

— You can disable or replace default logo in Analytic theme settings - go to Home » Administer » Site building and click "Configure" link next to Analytic theme. Uncheck "Logo" checkbox, and click "Save".

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How do you create the Featured block?

Duh! I just figured it out. For the rest of us out there wanting to know how to do the featured article on the Analytic theme, just check the "Sticky at top of lists" box in the "Publishing options" section of the Create Story (or Page or other type of Create Content (Node) you have).

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Analytic is really a lovely theme for a news and community site

Analytic is really a lovely theme for a news and community site, very magazine-like, and I have a site upon which I would like to use it.

But I have yet to figure exactly how to put my logo file, 390 x 88, in the upper left hand corner. I know this is a relatively simple CSS issue, but I've been beating my head against it all night with no success. If anyone could take a moment to enlighten me as to what the code to do that would look like, I would be most grateful.

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Nice menu problems

If you use "Nice menu" module and put a "nice menu" block in the left or right sidebar, the fly out will not show because of the css overflow:hidden. How to fix it, and why is it necessary?

Overflow:hidden css code protects your website from been breaked by the users. How it works: If the content is too big for the column, it will be hidden, and it won't make the column width bigger, than it is supposed to be.

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Theme does not correctly expose views elements

When constructing a view, I was not able to do the following normal filter functions when attempting to expose filters: Unlock operator, Edit filter label, Edit Filter identifier, Edit Operator identifier, Edit "Optional" checkbox, Edit "Remember" checkbox - These fields were not even visible. Here is the fix:

Find this code in style.css and remove it:

clear: both;
font-size: 0px;
line-height: 0px;
visibility: collapse;

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Analytic theme information

Clean modern theme with fine tuned css, will be great for blogs, communities and online media.
This theme was designed & developed exclusively for Drupal by team.

Volvo »

Sample block content: New Volvo S60 photographed without camouflage. What is the range of engines will receive the serial next-generation Volvo S60 is not reported.

Cadillac »

Sample block content: Recently we acquired in our garage, four-wheel drive Cadillac CTS: a top-end configuration with a 307-horsepower gasoline V6 volume of 3.6 liters. That's how we decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the global financial crisis.

Mazda »

Sample block content: Two-liter Mazda3 Service SAP (Sports Appearance Package), which includes more massive than the conventional versions, the front body kit, black metallic grille, 17-inch wheels, fog lights a special form, the LEDs in the taillights and adaptive "biksenon .

About this theme

Clean modern theme for Drupal 6 with fine tuned css, will be great for blogs, communities and online media. This theme was designed & developed exclusively for Drupal by Pixeljets team.
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Right or Left columns are missing for admin?

Analytic theme is a fixed width theme. It can cause problems when viewing admin pages with big width. You can disable left and/or right columns for admin section of your website (Administer » Site building » Themes » click "Configure" link right to Analitic theme).

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