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Analytic is really a lovely theme for a news and community site

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Analytic is really a lovely theme for a news and community site, very magazine-like, and I have a site upon which I would like to use it.

But I have yet to figure exactly how to put my logo file, 390 x 88, in the upper left hand corner. I know this is a relatively simple CSS issue, but I've been beating my head against it all night with no success. If anyone could take a moment to enlighten me as to what the code to do that would look like, I would be most grateful.

Many of the themes have a scriptlet on the back end that facilitates just this. Such an addition wouldn't hurt Analytic one bit.

Congratulations on having produced such a great theme.

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Logo support is already done

Logo support is already done in ver.1.3 - it will be released shortly.


Volvo »

Sample block content: New Volvo S60 photographed without camouflage. What is the range of engines will receive the serial next-generation Volvo S60 is not reported.

Cadillac »

Sample block content: Recently we acquired in our garage, four-wheel drive Cadillac CTS: a top-end configuration with a 307-horsepower gasoline V6 volume of 3.6 liters. That's how we decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the global financial crisis.

Mazda »

Sample block content: Two-liter Mazda3 Service SAP (Sports Appearance Package), which includes more massive than the conventional versions, the front body kit, black metallic grille, 17-inch wheels, fog lights a special form, the LEDs in the taillights and adaptive "biksenon .

About this theme

Clean modern theme for Drupal 6 with fine tuned css, will be great for blogs, communities and online media. This theme was designed & developed exclusively for Drupal by Pixeljets team.
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Right or Left columns are missing for admin?

Analytic theme is a fixed width theme. It can cause problems when viewing admin pages with big width. You can disable left and/or right columns for admin section of your website (Administer » Site building » Themes » click "Configure" link right to Analitic theme).